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How to plot a densityfunction with filling for signifigance levels?

Posted 11 years ago
Dear people,
I am new to Mathematica. For a new project i would like to plot a graph of a distribution, showing (like in an econometric textbook) the significance level or levels in a different colour. Is there an possibility to achieve this goal? Is CensoredDistribution a solution to my problem?

Thanks for your support!
POSTED BY: Dominic G
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Could you give a link to a Wikipedia article or any other source online so we can see what type of graph you mean? It is hard to proceed without any visual or with such small information.
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Posted 11 years ago
Dear Vitaliy,

thank you for your reply. The graph should show the "region" of the significance level. Like in the following link. I would like to replicate such a graph( one sided as well as two-sided).

POSTED BY: Dominic G
Posted 11 years ago
CensoredDistribution works!
POSTED BY: Dominic G
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