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Rubi - The Rule-based Integrator for Mathematica

Posted 3 years ago
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Terrific. And yet another reason why the teaching of calculus MUST change.


We released version recently which comes with one significant improvement: It saves the Rubi package as an MX file after the first load. This reduces the loading time for all subsequent calls to <<Rubi` drastically. On my machine, the first loading of the package took about 85 seconds. Loading the Rubi after this first run takes not more than 0.4 seconds. That is excellent news for users that regularly rely on Rubi.

I decided to build the MX files on the users' machine and not distribute them. The reason is simple: Rubi works on Mathematica 7-11.3 and MX files depend on the version and the operating system. However, users of Rubi don't have to care about these details. They merely load Rubi, and the creation and loading of the MX files is done automatically.

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