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Scatter plotting satellites?

Posted 10 months ago
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Im dealing with a table of GEO satellites, I have generated a table with Az and EL values relative to my location. To bad they couldn't be found in the SatelliteData[] query...

This is a snippet of the data.

dataSatTable = {
  {"SAT NAME", "EL", "AZ"},
  {"NSS-806", 3.26, 99.47},
  {"Galaxy-17-19", 5.69, 258.52},
  {"Eutelsat-113", 10.4, 254.51}

I need to plot each satellite as a dot with a text tag on a scatter plot, This will form an arc. I then need to add another table of data containing obstructions on the plot.

Any pointers?

2 Replies

I would be curious to know what type of general problem you are trying to solve. Now to it per se.

If you just search for "scatter plot" in docs you get ListPlot with numerous examples. The 4th example shows how to label points. You should always check docs first - they are wonderfully informative. So perhaps you mean something like this:


enter image description here

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