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Let Me Mathematica That For You

Posted 2 years ago
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Ever wanted to do the equivalent of "Let me Google that for you" for a stupid, trivial Mathematica question? Now you can!

Introducing Let Me Mathematica That For You which uses cloud notebooks to run any and all queries passed in via a sandbox Cloud notebook:

Here's a fun example:


Which in query format is:


And we pass that as the query parameter to the URL giving us this:

people are idiots

Feel free to use it yourself. It doesn't cost me anything. All of the HTML fits on a single page, so feel free to fork and use it for your own things too.

3 Replies

Impressive, it is really like working on a "real" session! Thank you very much for sharing this.


Posted 2 years ago

Have you seen the Wolfram Cloud? Because I'm literally just building off that and working on the JavaScript side.

Posted 2 years ago

I updated the underlying JS. Now there's an input field that you can use for making your URL:

enter image description here

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