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Appropriate place to discuss Raspberry Pi problems?

Posted 10 years ago
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Since Wolfram provided us with access to the alpha release, I'm assuming usage feedback is desired.  Is there an appropriate mechanism for this?  For example, to problems that came up recently:

1. I performed BenchmarkTest[] on the RPi and then DumpSave'd the symbol.  I could not read this symbol in version 9 (and a polite error was thrown) but when I tried to go back and save the symbol using Export["file.xls",bechmarksymbol] on the Pi, it returned a conversion error.

2. WolframAlpha["radius of the earth"] returns $Failed when my computer running 9 returns the expected result.

 Is a list of current issues published/updated?  Where could we post issues as we find them and how much information is needed?
3 Replies
I am now unable to reproduce the WolframAlpha problem - I'll chalk that up to a rare event (a neutrino hit my Pi).

It's OK to discuss issues specific to the Raspberry Pi pilot release within the "Raspberry Pi" group and this Community group will be the place to see a list of issues.

Using DumpSave is platform specific and usually version specific, so dump saving from Raspberry Pi and opening on desktop M9 (different platform, different version) is not going to work.

I have reported XLS export to be looked into.

I am unable to reproduce the WolframAlpha["radius of the earth"] (i.e. it works OK for me).
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
Hello Bob it's a pleasure to meet a fellow Chemist. Great question! I am looking forward to see your work on this portal.

POSTED BY: Johnny Ronelus
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