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3D Images and Parallelization

Posted 3 years ago
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I am interested in converting stl files and found this interesting discussion in StackExchange:

A very neat solution is provided:

voxelify[region_?RegionQ, res_?NumericQ] := 
 Module[{f, bounds, boxsize, voxsize, data, d2},
  f = RegionDistance[region];
  bounds = RegionBounds[region]; 
  boxsize = -Subtract @@ # & /@ bounds;
  voxsize = Max[boxsize]/res; 
  data = ParallelArray[f[{##}] &, Round[boxsize/voxsize], bounds]; 
  d2 = HeavisideTheta[data - voxsize]; 
  2 - ReplaceAll[WatershedComponents[Image3D[1 - d2]], {0 -> 2}]
spikey = Import["ExampleData/spikey.stl", "MeshRegion"];
Image3D[voxelify[spikey, 100]]

enter image description here

Unfortunately the code no longer works in MMA 11.3, due to a problem with ParallelArray:

ParallelArray::nopar1: Array[f[{##1}]&,{100,95,81},{{-1.54435,1.54435},{-1.46876,1.46876},{-1.2494,1.2494}},List] cannot be parallelized; proceeding with sequential evaluation.

The sequential evaluation is far too slow for practical purposes.

Does anyone have any idea why the parallelization fails? Or can they suggest a workaround?

If anyone is still using MMA v10, I would appreciate it they would test the code to see if parallelization works.

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