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Where to find books on Wolfram Language ?

Posted 11 years ago
if you want to get the pdf of  "Power Programming  with Mathematica" without going to an ebook download site, it's directly available at

not: david was going to write a second companion book but he said he was so dissappointed ith the sales of his Kernal volume (which is IMO a very good book, though dated)  that he decided not to do it.

additionally, if you want to see really neat WL programming code i recommend "Computational Recreations in Mathematica" by Ilan Vardi from 1991. (this was the book that turned me on to WL programmng) .
POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
i don't know where the pdf's i find on the internet come from or if they're authorized (legal) or not. i don't know that the website for the Wagner pdf is the one that's 'authorized' or not.  (i do know that all 4 of my books can be found as free pdf's on the internet (not easily but they're there if you search long enough), even though i never acquiesed to it and some of them are still in print - though i get no royalties from any sales). i just wanted to give the most direct place to go to get pdf's without having to go through one of those e-book websites where you have to register - i avoid those places becuase of the possibilty of downloading a pdf that's not supposed to be available from a website that the NSA is monitoring - and they seem to monitor everything done by everyone. 

i'm just trying to help people access WL books. it's part of what i do as a self-appointed WL evangelist.

as for david wagner, he seems to have vanished. i only knew him in the 'old days' when he was an assistant professor somewhere. 
POSTED BY: Richard Gaylord
Richard, it would be fair to mention that the book Power Promgramming with Mathematica was made available for free thanks for a community effort organized on Mathematica.StackExchange.    Todd Allen took the effort to contact the publisher and ask for a license to distribute a scanned copy freely, and several others volunteered their time to scan the complete book and create a convenient to use PDF.  (They would be glad if you could help them contact David Wagner, since you seem to know him.)

I mentioned this yesterday in a thread that you participated in as well.
POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
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