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Roadmap to Mathematica 12 on Raspberry Pi?

Posted 1 year ago
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Great to see Mathematica 12 released and I can't wait to try the new functionality!

What is the timeline and roadmap to get Mathematica 12 to the Pi? – Thanks!

24 Replies

Hopefully soon -- that is to say, in weeks rather than months.

Dear Ilian, Any news here, maybe anything to test for us? Thanks! Michael

As mentioned at

Mathematica 12 should be available in the coming days.

Currently the release candidate builds are undergoing final QA testing to make sure they work well on the just released Raspberry Pi 4, as well as on Raspbian Buster.

I have a Raspberry Pi 1 B with Stretch and I do not see the update.

Does M12 require Buster?

Does it require more recent Raspberry Pi hardware?

Is there a page listing system requirement?

(I assume it just needs Buster but could you please confirm before I go ahead and upgrade?)

Did you run the install script mentioned?

Did you run the install script mentioned?

The install script downloads the package from a separate source (not the official Raspbian repos). Is it the case that the Raspbian repos simply do not yet carry M12.0?

That aside, I would still like to know the answer to the questions above regarding compatibility (preferably without having to try to install M12.0, then revert again to M11.3).

The reason why I want to stay with 11.3 until 12.0 are in the Raspbian repositories: I publish a package with binary components that also includes RPi support. Binaries built with 12.0 will not work with 11.3, but those built with 11.3 work fine with 12.0. I am reluctant to require 12.0 until it becomes simple enough for everyone to install it with a simple apt install.

Posted 11 months ago

I've spent much of the last few days exploring Mathematica on the PI, using archived versions of Jessie, Stretch, and the new Buster. I was looking at benchmarks across my 3Pis and versions. I learned Jessie runs MMA 10, Stretch runs MMA 11 & Buster runs MMA 12. I'm surprised at the trouble people are having, after burning a Buster card I just ran sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine and it worked without a hitch.

Posted 11 months ago

OK, Mathematica 12 runs on Buster, Stretch runs Mathematica 11 and Jessie ran Mathematica 10. From what I've seen those are fixed and you can't run Mathematica 12 on Stretch. I've been playing with a few things in Mathematica, of relevance to you is my experiments with its internal benchmark. I have a Pi3b+, a Pi2B (v1.1) and some Zero Ws. Buster and Stretch run on all of them, Jessie will not run on the 3B+. The Pi4 is advertised as NOT running an OS earlier than Buster. And, I have hit snags with Mathematica on a PiZero, so suggest any other lower-end Pi may also struggle. I hope this helps.

V12 does run on Stretch and does not have any particular hardware requirements (of course, it may feel nicer to use on a faster device)

For now, you can download and install the two packages manually



or use the installation script from

I will check into making this available through the apt repository for Stretch. (EDIT: Now available)

Thanks David and Ilian. This answers my question.

Posted 11 months ago

Thanks Ilian, I'm content to just leave each version of Raspbian with the Mathematica that comes with it. I got my first Pi for Mathematica and told myself I wasn't going to lose focus by hacking around. I had PCs and proprietary minicomputers to do that on during my career, it's time for fun again. As for speed, yes it is nice to have faster Pis, some of my code has run for a few days with a result. keeping power up has proven a challenge in rural Australia. Since mid-2017, I've run the Wolfram Mark on my collection and the 2B (v1.1) started with a result of 0.01 on Jessie and is now 6 times that on Stretch and Buster, so the code has improved in speed over time. Also, these numbers are constant as I've moved from class 4 to class 10 and UHS-1 cards, so it isn't an obvious IO bound task. The 3B+ enjoys speeds of .12 or .13, and elsewhere I've learned that the 4B with 4G should be about twice that. I won;\'t be able to get one before late August though, the backlog is so long I can't even place an order.

Terrific, thank you!

P.S.: It would be great if you could also look into the dependency libcurl3, which will no longer be available in Debian Buster.

Yes, this and a couple of other dependencies will be ironed out for Buster compatibility.

Database interfacing (at least with some databases) does not work on the Raspberry Pi in Mathematica 11.3. After entering the following commands on the Pi, an error occurs:


conn = OpenSQLConnection[JDBC["SQLite", "/path/to/database.db"]];

The error returned is cryptic:

JDBC::error: org.sqlite.core.NativeDB._open(Ljava/lang/String;I)V

Please see this Stack Exchange answer and the comments on it.

As many microcontrollers are used for passive purposes such as data collection, it is worth allowing them to interface readily with databases.

This example seems to work fine in the 12.0 builds currently under testing.

That's great! Thank you. My girlfriend is an atmospheric chemist and we are working on automated gathering of time-series data on the concentrations of various gasses in the air using the Raspberry Pi + Mathematica.

It's a bit of an aside, but has anyone run the Mathematica internal benchmark on a 4GB Pi4 yet? I need to figure out if the is enough change to upgrade from a 3B+ when they ship here in about 10 days.

Most of the individual WolframMark components are about twice as fast.

Other programs and the OS also feel more responsive, I plan to upgrade my personal system.

Just got a Raspberry Pi and I'm looking forward to trying Mathematica on it :)

Today I managed to install Mathematica 12 on Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Raspbian Buster. Thanks.

I used the installation script provided here and

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt --fix-broken install.

There were some errors but eventually it worked.

Posted 11 months ago

I just ran on a Buster card: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine and it worked flawlessly. There is also a menu option (I forget precisely where) to install recommended software and it will install Mathematica. I did have timeouts with downloads of the Buster image, so it must be popular, and with some updates. I've spent much of the past few days experimenting with Jessie (Mathematica 10), Stretch (Mathematica 11) and Buster (Mathematica 12).

Menu option: Raspberry Pi (top left icon) > Preferences > Add / Remove software. There I searched for mathematica and wolfram but only found "installer for Mathematica fonts".

Posted 2 months ago

Three options: 1. Raspberry menu, choose "Options" then "Recommended software". Scroll down to Mathematica, tick the box and click "OK,." This is the EASIEST.

  1. As you tried in Add-Remove programs, but search for "wolfram." Almost as easy, unless you misspell wolfram.

  2. In a terminal window type in "sudo apt -y wolfram-engine." This can be a little quicker to get going, as you don't have to wait for the GUI to search.

By the way, I've been playing with Mathematica on everything from a Pi Zero to a 4GB Pi 4. It's very demanding on hardware and I don't recommend anything less than the 4GB Pi 4.

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