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Can I extract .WAV audio from a .MOV video file?

I have a 99 minute and 43second .MOV video in ProRes422 720p format which I imported into Mathematica

The output I got was the following array with 358651 elements.
Out[] = {1,2,3, … 358649,358650,358651}

I hope to be able to extract the accompanying audio as a .WAV file.  Can I do this in Mathematica?  If not, can anyone tell me what I can do with this file using Mathematica?

Thank you
POSTED BY: Michael Lyda
2 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
I think one way ‘around’ it is to use ffmpeg(windows) or avconv (linux) (

in Mathematica
Run[“ffmpeg –i filename.wav”]

then you can use the Import command to load the .wav file
data = Import["filename.wav", "Data"]

POSTED BY: Oren Sternberg
Please take a quick look at the documentation for this file format in the documentation:

 Running Import without additional arguments only returns a list of names of the frame indicies in the movie.

You have to provide a second argument to Import that tells it what to import. For example, Import["ExampleData/", "ImageList"] produces a list of of images based on the frames of the video.

I don't see anything in the documentation that allows you to export or import the audio for this filetype.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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