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Michael Lyda
CAS,, www.GraceAndTruth.Net
LOCATION: Hendersonville, TN
BLOG: Not indicated

My name is Michael Lyda; I had the good fortune of becoming a Mathematica licensee after teaching college math for 7 years. I now only teach and tutor privately part-time, when convenient through my site, My full time job is now a combination of video production and (small) database administration for a non-profit ministry, www.GraceAndTruth.Net (side note- the bible is very mathematical) . I feel like the slowest learner ever, partially due to my job responsibilities having been overwhelming at times, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

For any custom software needs, like a bible display app to display bible verses during the video production, I try to use Mathematica. Another application I have to have is a new front end for our dbf database to replace Lotus Approach which we've used since 1998. Lotus Approach is not updated past WinXP and does still run on Win11, but that can change.