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Anyone using IGraph/M on the Raspberry Pi?

Posted 1 month ago
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Raspberry Pi users: do any of you use IGraph/M, a graph theory package?

I am trying to decide whether it's worth continuing to produce binaries for this platform. If you use it or tried it, please respond.

4 Replies

Dear Szabolcs,

I am not sure whether this helps, but for what it's worth I am using this a lot for university outreach activities with children.

Graphs are something that easily visualised and it is possible to come up with "useful" examples. iGraph functions are easy to use and especially for Schools with low budgets Raspberries are a great way to explore.

Thanks for maintaining this and other packages.



Thanks Marco, this is useful input.

I understand the argument that the Raspberry Pi is a good tool to work with children in principle, and that IGraph/M may also be a good software tool to show them interesting math. Could you clarify which of these two you yourself actually use in practice? RPi computers, IGraph/M, both, or just one?

Dear Szabolcs,

I actually use both RPi and IGraph/M. I often do live coding with pupils as well and sometimes IGraph functionality is a very-nice-to-have. Often neither schools nor pupils have the money for a proper computer. This is a very nice way for them to get into programming. (And yes this is not an "in principle" thing; in fact next Monday a colleague of mine and I will spend the entire day at a school teaching computational thinking to pupils and teachers, and I will be using IGraph functionality.)

I understand that neither me nor these activities would justify your work on this, but your work is very useful and I think it makes a difference in these cases.

Best wishes from Scotland,


In that case, I will absolutely not drop support for the RPi. Once I manage to push out a proper stable release, I might not include RPi support in prereleases, but I will definitely include it in stable releases.

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