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Avoid error message "ImageIdentify::dllock"?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have been running an API since January this year that takes in a url and responds with the results of ImageIdentify... Recently all I get is $failed. When I open my API code in the Wolfram Programming Lab:


I get the following error message:

The requested neural network model is currently downloading in another process, try again when it is finished. If there is not a download in progress run DeleteObject[ResourceObject[Wolfram ImageIdentify Net V1]]

When I try and run "DeleteObject[ResourceObject[Wolfram ImageIdentify Net V1]]" I get

ResourceObject: The argument ImageIdentify Net V1 should be the name or id of an existing resource or an Association defining a new resource.

Back to the first error response, I am not aware of any downloading, unless it's just talking about the url I feed to ImageIdentify...

Any help is most appreciated!


I am not quite sure, because you haven’t used the code window, but if you haven’t put the name of the ResourceObject in quotation marks you might want to try that.



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