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How to send messages or questions in Community posts

Posted 11 years ago
I can't find any resource on the use or meaning of the above  buttons when sending a question....
when do you use quotes and why
when do you use 'code' and why
when do you use 'Mcode' and why, how is it different from 'code'

when do you use 'Source'  and why

how do you send a screen shot --  I can't get  image to work for me

when using 'Copy As'  in Mathematica, when do you use 'Plain Text' vs 'Input Text' vs LaTex vs MathML vs Cell Expression vs Notebook Expression?? all producted gobbledygook for me.   I tried using Help, but it only throws back  at you the same word you are trying to understand and is of little value.  
POSTED BY: Raymond Low
2 Replies
All these buttons are just for formatting.  You can use the quote button when you want to quote something. The code button is useful for formatting code from an arbitrary programming language. The MCode button is useful for formatting Mathematica/Wolfram Language code. 

The Source button is a button that shows the post as raw markdown. It's useful sometimes when it is hard to use the buttons to format your post. 

How you take a screenshot depends on your operating system. You can often find tutorials online though with more information.

I normally choose to copy as Plain Text. If you have things which are heavily formatted in Mathematica, they may not be easily representable as plaintext which would make copying them hard. 

It sounds like your documentation center is not working. Are you able to use it all to look up information on functions? What operating system are you on?
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Hello and welcome to the Wolfram Community! Please take a few minutes to read this tutorial about correct posting especially of Mathematica code:

How to type up a post: editor tutorial & general tips
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
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