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How to start Mathematica on RPi using VNC?

Posted 11 years ago
I found and followed
to control my Raspberry Pi from my iPad.

Using my iPad, I installed and started tightvncserver using SSH.  Then I connected with VNC Viewer.  I started Mathematica.  All was well.  I was running Mathematica from my iPad and I was happily turning LEDs on and off from my iPad.

Then I "did" something and now I can't start Mathematica with VNC any more.
What I "did" was follow instructions found above for running tightvncserver at startup, and run VNC viewer on my Mac.

I created the file ~/.config/autostart/tightvnc.desktop containing
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=vncserver: 1

This has been edited so a space is between the : and 1.  VNC then starts on the Pi at boot up.

This post was made because VNC didn't start.  I had misprint in tightvnc.desktop.

VNC Viewer on both iPad and Mac connect to Pi.

 In my case, the IP address is  Port 1 works but I am using 5901.
A password is needed for tightvnc.

Sorry for confusion.
POSTED BY: Roger Kirchner
3 Replies
Posted 3 years ago

Nice, although personally, I have found using xrdp along with some RDP client on mac, iPad, iPhone, etc. a more fluid experience.

POSTED BY: Ronald Antony

vnc viewer app

Apart from Wolfram Cloud app and Wolfram Cloud WWW, i also make good use of Raspberry Pi access through the VNC Viewer app (at home via WiFi connection, on the road via cloud connection). I am NOT sure how many of the readers here are even aware of this possibility. So when i am on the road and have problems with the Wolfram Cloud, i simply access the RPi (which sits powered 24/7 next to my WiFi router at home) and use the local Mma Raspbian installation. It's a great and fun alternative.

This is definitely a dream come true, accessing a "full-fledged" local computer from the road and profiting from its application installations like Mathematica. Raspberry Pi - Mathematica - VNC Viewer app - beautiful combination.

Currently i am on Raspbian Stretch and after the normal update/upgrade routine the version is Mma v12.0.1. Looking forward to v12.2, it's free on the RPi!

POSTED BY: Raspi Rascal
Posted 11 years ago
Problem solved!

In ~/.config/autostart/tightvnc.desktop,
should have been
Exec=vncserver :1

VNC starts at boot up, and Mathematica runs just fine from iPad and Mac.  I'm again happily turning LEDs on and off, now from both.
POSTED BY: Roger Kirchner
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