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[NB] COVID-19 visualization of turning point

Posted 1 year ago
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MODERATOR NOTE: coronavirus resources & updates:

"Turning point(TP)" in the fight against COVID19 has been arriving at China and other states in a stabilizing trend. In this article, we demonstrate a simple fitting by a logistic function (the Fermi distribution function) to visualize turning point(TP), as shown below:

enter image description here

These data cannot be used for prediction but might be helpful to declare win against COVID19.

5 Replies

Thank you, a very interesting analysis!

May I store a copy of your notebook (with attribution) in my collection of covid-19 related analysis notebooks here: ?

Thank you for your comment !

Please store a copy of my notebook. I would be happy to contribute your github (and everyone's projects).

Thank you! I am planning to collect all these notebooks in a single place, so everyone can check them out and contribute!

Thanks! I have actually stored it here (with many more notebooks from others and myself to follow):

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