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[NB] Agent based epidemic simulation

Posted 6 months ago
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Inspired by the model at Washington Post the following computational essay creates and visualizes an agent-based simulation of epidemic spread in a small community. The rules that control the agent's behaviour can be easily modified or extended.

The basic assumptions are that agents move freely and without purpose within a square space. If a vulnerable agent is touched by an infected agent, they immediately become infectious for a fixed period of time and before becoming permanently immune to the disease. Agents do not interact with each other in any other way.


I really like the clean coding style you have adopted here. The use of agents identified as Associations with updated properties and an updating rule is one that can be modified for a wide range of stochastic problems with a large number of parameters. I used agent models for economics and finance back in the 90's. Whenever I tried to model neoliberal economic models as advocated by the Chicago School of economics, I found that they only ever worked if you assumed everything worked perfectly like your experiment No 2 with immediate 100% isolation and that everyone in the market had perfect knowledge of prices. Such situations only arose about one in every 100,000 experiments. Journals were not interested in such experiments, especially since corporations owned the journals. Strange how that happens.


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