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STEM/School Project Lists using Mathematica/Connected Devices

Posted 11 years ago
About a month ago Bob LeSuer shared with the community a wonderful project about Building a (rudimentary) spectrometer with Wolfram/Raspberry Pi.

It brought back to my mind great memories of science experiments back at school, many years ago, when none of the technology available today was around.

With the current cost of a Raspberry pi (about 25-35 USD), free Mathematica for the Pi, and sensors galore for less than 10USD, it is very affordable for our high school kids, PTAs and volunteers to explore the fantastic world of science and experimentation.

Kids are taught about formulas, and do exercises on paper, but what about checking out if what they are taught is true? Nullius in Verba!

What about setting up a list of potential projects that would be easy and cheap for our kids to build, run and hopefully get them excited about Science and Technology? Maybe we can post potential projects as answers in this post.

For our friends at WRI, would there be a possibility to have a repository for them at
POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
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This is a great idea, although I am wondering what specifically is missing from the Wolfram Community to make this possible here (file upload feature? Embedded CDF notebooks? Something else).
POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
Posted 11 years ago
Dear Arnoud, I do not see anything wrong about posting the results in the community. The reason I thought it might be good at least to have pointers at the Wolfram Education Portal is that it would be great that Teachers and Students could have a one stop shop where to get the resources they might be interested in one single page. Tried to find a website that would list potential experiments and failed to find one (although they might exist out there).

The wolfram education portal has currently  pointers to demonstrations, lessons, exercises, textbooks, Maybe pointers to the pages with experiments that you can conduct that are residing where @ the community could suffice.
POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
Posted 11 years ago
Some ideas/projects
POSTED BY: Diego Zviovich
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