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Version 12.1 in Germany?

Posted 15 days ago
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I am in Germany and have a Wolfram|One license, running it on Windows 10.

I still cannot download the new version 12.1. Will it be available and when in Germany?

5 Replies

Did you receive an email from Wolfram already on your licenses? Have you checked the user portal?

Posted 15 days ago

No, I did not get an email. I just read the Wolfram blog describing version 12.1.

I checked the user portal. It still delivers version 12.0

The Wolfram Desktop 12.1 builds are undergoing final QA checks and will be released shortly.

Posted 15 days ago

Thanks, Ilian, since I read the Wolfram blog describing version 12.1 I thought it would be finished and available.

Mathematica 12.1 was ready and being downloaded when the blog post appeared. There are other products in the pipeline like WolframEngine or the localized versions that usually take a few additional days to go through final testing.

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