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[NB] Exploring social trends on Covid-19 pandemic using WikipediaData

Posted 1 year ago
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Here I want to share a quick computational exploration on Covid-19 pandemic using WikipediaData. It's easy to spot an initial peak of interest corresponding to China's outbreak and later second wave of page hits after WHO announced COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on 12th of March. Feel free to share your own findings on this thread. Probably there are some interesting correlations waiting to be discovered.

2 Replies

This is interesting. I have been doing something similar, comparing data on terms like "Wuhan virus" by country, etc. However, it seems like Google Search/Trends data might be much more powerful way to do this, but I haven't found any nice integration with Google data (other than Analytics, which I think only applies to one's own websites) the way there is for Wikipedia Hits. If anyone knows of one, that'd be wonderful. Thanks! -- David

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