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Using Echo with Lexical Scoping Constructs

Posted 5 months ago
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Hello All, I would like to use Echo to debug user-defined functions which are called up by Manipulate but have found that Manipulate suppresses the Echo. To give an example, the following works fine:

echoFn[x_] := Module[{},
  Table[Echo[y], {y, 1, x}]

However, when I insert the "echoFn" inside a function with lexical scoping such as Manipulate, as expected the Echo is suppressed (see attached Notebook).

echoFn[x_] := Module[{},
  Table[Echo[y], {y, 1, x}]
 Control[{{tmp, 5, "tst1"}, 1, 10, 1, Appearance -> "Labeled", 
   ImageSize -> "Small"}]

Can anyone think of a work around for this?

Many thanks.

3 Replies
Posted 4 months ago

I have found that I can reduce (not eliminate) the need to debug my functions in this way by using unit tests as part of a more test driven approach.

Mathematica supports test driven approaches using a "Testing Notebook" under:

File | New | Programmatic Notebook

If you would rather keep your unit tests closer to your code, you can include VerificationTest

In addition to unit tests, I also find asserts and checks useful.

Thanks for the great question.

Hi Mike,

Apologies for the delayed response but many thanks for the great tips. I hadn't come across the programmatic notebook nor the in-built verification tests before.

Many thanks,


Maybe this does what you want?

  Row[{ "tst1"
    , Spacer[4]
    , Slider[
          , (tmp = #; Echo[tmp]) &
        , {1, 5, 1}
        , Appearance -> "Labeled", ImageSize -> "Small"]
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