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Why is this UnitConvert not converting?

Posted 1 year ago
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EntityValue[Entity["Country", "UnitedStates"], EntityProperty["Country", "FreshwaterWithdrawals"]]

returns: enter image description here

5 Replies

The second argument to UnitConvert has to be just a unit specification. This works

w = EntityValue[Entity["Country", "UnitedStates"], EntityProperty["Country", "FreshwaterWithdrawals"]];

UnitConvert[w, "Giga" "Feet"^3/"Years"]
Posted 1 year ago


That is good news. But why would an entity return an invalid unevaluated UnitConvert?

Hi Mike,

I tried the code I posted on 12.1.1 and now it fails. I tried 12.0 and 12.1 and sometimes the first evaluation works but subsequent evaluations fail. Seems like a caching bug in the entity framework. To get it to reliably work on the first evaluation


but it will fail on subsequent evaluations.

@Luc Barthelet You should report this to WRI.

Posted 1 year ago

I get the same result. Looks like a bug.

Very interested in hearing the resolution. Thank you for bringing this up.

I filed a bug .[CASE:4563074]

Good luck team!

Thank you Luc

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