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Mathematica as lab notebook: Please support enhanced free-hand input

Posted 6 months ago
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I would love to use Mathematica as my primary lab notebook. However, a feature that I am constantly missing is an improved support of free-hand input on a tablet computer. This might be either an iPad or a Microsoft Surface tablet. I am aware, there are the "drawing tools" on Mathematica Desktop. However, they do not really nicely integrate with a stylus (e.g. they don't recognize different preassure levels or stylus tilts). So, currently I have always to keep a OneNote notebook and in addition a Mathematica notebook. In Onenote I store handwritings, screenshots (with markings like arrows, small text labels and so on) and photos taken with the back camera of the Surface. In Mathematica, I analyze quickly measurement files and keep track of theory stuff.

It would be great, if Mathematica could fill that gap and extend the Notebook capabilities towards a more "natural" user experience for having free-hand input! Maybe a way would be to include a new "free-hand cell" that works basically like e.g. the old Windows Journal (in which you can also expand the canvas if you run out of space etc).


2 Replies

Hi Peter, what a great idea! I'm actually experiencing the same issues with my remote math teaching activites and I hope Wolfram can seriously consider implementing that functionality in the near future.

I warmly support your request. Now as we are teaching, mostly online, this is of great importance. I use IPAD and lack the combination of free hand notes done in real time with regular notebook that is prepared beforehand.

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