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[WSG20] COVID-19 Data Analysis and Visualization Study Group

Posted 1 year ago
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Patient Travel History Hey everyone!

For anyone interested in COVID-19 data analysis, I will be running a study group on that very topic, starting Monday, September 28! It will accompany my course on Wolfram U, which I highly encourage you to watch. Sign up here for the study group.

Do you have anything specific you would like to see covered? Let me know.

22 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

503 error for study group file



Challenge #1: using epidemic dataset, find the top 20 US counties with largest confirmed cases (Hint: use TakeLargestBy on the last value of confirmed cases for US counties)

Challenge #2: using epidemic dataset, find the top 10 US states with largest confirmed cases per 10,000 inhabitants (Hints: find US state population using entities)

Challenge #3: using epidemic dataset, generates a plot in which the US states are colored according to the last values of confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants (Hint: use GeoRegionValuePlot)

Posted 1 year ago

Thank you for this rapid response! Looks like it worked.



GeoPosition of the counties is included.

One down. Two to go!

Is there a better way to extract the keys in each of the COVID-19 datasets. I used the following but it does not work very well as I need to separate out the ResourceType Function from the list of datasets. I'm looking for a data set with patient related data like blood type.

covidlist = ResourceSearch["COVID-19"];
     Table[{covidlist[[i, 1]], 
       ResourceData[covidlist[[i, 1]]][1 /* Keys]}, {i, 1, len}]]
covidlist = ResourceSearch["COVID19"];

Note that 5th one has a different structure compared to other datasets

 ResourceData[#Name] &]

ResourceSearch["COVID-19"] is returning non-COVID-19 datasets like "Spacecraft Materials Outgassing Data", "The Second Swift Burst Alert Telescope Gamma[Hyphen]Ray Burst \Catalog" and "VGG-19 Trained on ImageNet Competition Data". Is ResourseSearch[] supposed to do this?

Correlations (if any) between infection rates and death rates at the county, state or provence level.

Thanks Tom. We looked into this error and deployed a fix. Can you please try again and let me know if the issue is resolved?

Posted 1 year ago

What are the links to the study groups associated with the earlier COVID presentations of Monday and Tuesday? Or is this the one for all of them?

We use this community post for all of them. Feel free to ask any question related to our COVID19 Study Group

Hi, I am looking at the quiz questions and I think the following are errors:

  1. Double quotation marks are missing in ["LastValue"] in all multiple choices
  2. I guess the syntax #NucleotideStatus == "complete" & is missing in all multiple choices
  3. Double quotation marks are delimited in ["Patient Medical Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19"]
  4. All double quotation marks are delimited in ResourceData and LastValue.

Please do the double check. Best wishes,

Hi Hee-Young,

Thanks a lot for letting us know. The quotation marks seem to have been lost with deployment. Question 2 is also meant to not include the "nucleotide status is complete" requirement. We will get this straightened out as soon as possible.

Dear Hamza,

Thanks for the prompt response. It will be great if you and your team send out the corrected quiz question via email when it is ready.

Best wishes,

Hi @Hamza,

While completing the quiz, I have noticed that you mention SEIRQD model. Can you briefly explain what Q represents? If you have any modified epidemic models that you haven't showed us in the daily study group program, would you be willing to share with me or suggest a more advanced reference? (It's been a great opportunity to learn more about Wolfram Language and how to use it to analyze the current pandemic situation through both modeling and estimating parameters. Thanks for offering and leading this informative course) . Thanks.

I expect it would be "Quarantined".

It is in fact quarantined like Daniel Lichtblau mentioned.

I would suggest this community post to learn more:

On the Quiz @ P1, it seems the answer is missing the constraint ...'for the 10 states with the most COVID-19 confirmed cases". Using the hint from Challenge#1 above, I believe the 'All' should be replaced by:

TakeLargestBy[#ConfirmedCases["LastValue"] &, 10]

Thanks for your comment Martin. We will take a look and update the quiz if necessary.

Having "COVID-19" seems to be getting you things where "19" appears, too

Hi Hamza,

I know this study group session is over, but I want to get some extra help for completing my own project. How can I manage the data if I want to estimate time-varying infection rates (reproduction ratios) in various epidemic models for different time periods. Rather than estimating a single average infection rate for the whole period, I want to divide the time-series data into multiple sub-time periods and find the best fit for each sub-periods. This would require a specific management of the resource data. Can you help me out?

Best wishes,

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