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Collaboration needed: Program Human Bio Machine Interfaces

Posted 3 years ago

I believe I have a enough biological data to make accurate high-quality immune system compatible synthetic human body limbs and organs to help injured American Patriots. I need a high-quality Mathematica coder to help me program the bio-mechanical drivers & interfaces software components needed. The work will be done in Northern Colorado.

POSTED BY: John Remillard
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Posted 3 years ago

I have a pretty extensive background in HMI, bioinformatics, and software development. I do a bit of consulting on the side and I would love to chat about your project. I also happen to live in Evergreen CO. Contact me at: 414.639.7241 or

POSTED BY: William Duhe
Posted 3 years ago

Hello Jonh.

I am very interested in your work. In fact it was a robot who recommended me to enter to Wolfram world to share my experience. I see you should be interested and maybe you would like to work with me (me collaborating to your project, although I have my own project too). I look for share my experience, and maybe to work. That you say is very very interesting.

For any feedback, thank you. Víctor Ernst, from Chile, living in California.

POSTED BY: Víctor Ernst
Posted 3 years ago

Hi Victor

Contact me at: 970.980.7780 (Colorado)

or at:


POSTED BY: John Remillard
Posted 3 years ago

Where geographically the coder works is not a requirement.

Yes, it is a paid gig.

Quality, costs, timing, and confidentiality are the only strict requirements. A coder should be eligible to pass the investigation to receive at minimum a DOD Top Secret clearance if required. Most folks in High Achiever Academic Communities lean more toward feeling free to share and discuss their very interesting work than folks working in military communities.

I attended Jr. College in ultra conservative Orange County California and then did upper division at ultra liberal UC Berkeley - both cultural extremes. I spent years working in basic neuroscience research, man-machine interfaces, and modeling biological systems at UCSD & its associated hospitals. And, I spent several years working on Top Secret military & space projects.

My current assessment is organic humans are regressing intellectually while synthetic software is advancing intellectually. Organic humans socially/politically are manifesting as predicted by J. Calhoun and E. Ramsden experiments & studies.

My project is to accelerate producing Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) to help the human species survive & thrive in celestial environments by taking advantage of my advanced biology knowledge and complete theory for how to simulate (and exceed) organic human intelligence.

While there certainly are many financially profitable byproducts that will emerge from this work the primary ambition, health, and commitment I am looking for in the individual(s) needed to code this simulation has to be love, appreciation, and respect for human life along with the capacity, tenacity, self-confidence, and creative visionary ability to let go of their securities based on historical knowledge & experiences.

This a life commitment of self for the greater good of self, family, friends, neighbors, and future humans. Artificial Super Intelligence must be programmed with the understanding that failure is not an option!

Please let me know of any gifted individuals who want to achieve this goal. I am already working on it every day.

POSTED BY: John Remillard

Intriguing, I know some decent Wolfram Language coders, is this a paid gig? What is the duration? You say work should be in Northern Colorado, is that a requirement?

POSTED BY: Kyle Keane
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