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Computations take too long using high-end PC

Posted 1 month ago
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I have PC with Processor, Rayzen9 3900xt, 3.8G, 12 core and 48G Ram. I write code to solve partial differential equation. My PC is new and take long time about 5 hours without compute any thing. My Colleague has PC i7 Processor 3.6 G speed, 4 core. He take about 53 min to obtain the computational results by using the same code!!!. We use the same version Mathematica 12.2. I need help to under stand what is the problem?.

6 Replies


You need to post your code for anyone to help you. This question cannot be answered in the abstract. It is even better if you can post a small problem that exhibits the same behavior in a shorter amount of time.


There is also a function Parallelize[ ]. With 48 cores you'll beat your colleague's PC.

Posted 1 month ago

One thing to remember with Parallelize[] and other parallel functions, is that Mathematica limits the number of cores it will use based on your license. So having more cores does not guarantee that they will be used.

Posted 1 month ago

I used version 12.2 limits to 16 core. Is the originality of used windows may cause this problem?

If you have concerns about the originality (authenticity, legality) of your Windows installation, you should contact Microsoft and have them check it for you, e.g. through a validation of license key on the phone or similar.

Posted 1 month ago

I suggest using Task Manager or Activity Monitor (or the like) to see where your bottleneck is.

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