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Problem in Fox's H function Mathematica code

Posted 9 years ago
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Would any one help me to solve the problem in the code attached below, it is about implementing Fox's H function in Mathematica, I got this code from a paper which also attached,
my problem is that when I run this code and put any input values, the code do nothing,
Would you please give me any idea to solve that?
Thanks in advanced 

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POSTED BY: Hosam rh
4 Replies

Dear Sir I am using this code but i am unable to get the results for Example for FoxH[{{{-2, 1}}, {{}}}, {{{0, 1}}, {{}}}, -0.5] output is 3

Dear Hosam, what is the reason you did not continue discussion in the previous thread?

Why did you start new thread?
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
Posted 9 years ago
Dear Mr. Miller,
Unfortunately it does not solved yet,
Thank you for your suggest, I am going to edit it,
POSTED BY: Hosam rh
Was this resolved in ?

When you make multiple threads on topics this similar, please include links.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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