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How to use Manipulate to edit a table?

Posted 3 months ago
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I have a quite simple problem: use manipulate to create and edit a table with identifiers in first column and abbreviations in second column. I am new with manipulate and dynamic modules. I have written a code that works.

low = CharacterRange["a", "g"];
nRows = 4;
abb[r_] := Table[
   ToExpression["R" <> ToString[r] <> low[[i]]] -> low[[i]], {i, 1, 
row[r_] := {ToExpression["Row" <> ToString[r]], 
  ToExpression["R" <> ToString[r] <> "a"], abb[r]}
rec[{id_, abb_, ru_}] := {id, 
  ToExpression[StringTake[ToString[abb], -1]]}
file = Table[row[r], {r, 1, nRows}];
control[{id_, abbr_, rules_}] := {
  PopupMenu[Dynamic[abbr], rules]
 MatrixForm[Map[rec, file]],
 Grid[Map[control, file]],
 ContinuousAction -> None,
 ControlPlacement -> Left

But I find it much too complicated. Would there be a more natural way to proceed? Is it possible to avoid using the update button. Thanks

3 Replies
Posted 3 months ago

Check out TableView

Thanks Mike. What I did not find using TableView is how to put controls such as a PopupMenus in the cells of a table.

I have found what I wanted. This was not very complicated.

nRows = 6;
 MatrixForm[Transpose[{identifier, abbreviation}]],
 {{abbreviation, ConstantArray["a", nRows]}, 
  ControlType -> None}, {{identifier, 
   ConstantArray["Secteur", nRows]}, ControlType -> None}, 
 Dynamic[Grid[Table[With[{i = i},
      PopupMenu[Dynamic[abbreviation[[i]]], CharacterRange["a", "g"]]
      }], {i, nRows}]]],
 ControlPlacement -> Left]
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