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Where can I see the NFTs minted on July 27's live Stephen Wolfram's event?

Posted 1 year ago
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I've watched this live minting (Stephen Wolfram's Picks of Cellular Automata from the Computational Universe):

and looks like it uses the Cardano blockchain, but I can't find it in the Cardano blockchain explorer. I asked for it on the Youtube video, I sent a question about it to SUPPORT and I asked a question on the Tweet at

but so far all messages from me are ignored. Does someone here have the information where I can find the NFT, and maybe even buy it?

POSTED BY: Frank Buss
7 Replies

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your interest and sorry we missed your tweet.

We are working on having them available at an auction site but this is the list of transaction IDs for each NFT:

<|"Crashing Waves" -> 
 "Downarrows" -> 
 "Infinite Willow" -> 
 "Organic Power Tie" -> 
 "The Tracks Emerge" -> 
 "Circuit Seaweed" -> 
 "Crystal Queen" -> 
 "Plant City" -> 
 "The Irreducible Carpet" -> 
 "The Never-Ending Jungle Gym" -> 

You can inspect the NFT from a Cardano explorer or directly from Wolfram Language using BlockchainTransactionData. In particular, check the Metadata field e.g.


The IPFS CIDs are stored in the src field. You can use the CID to download the image from IPFS using ExternalStorageDownload, e.g.


Please let me know if you have more questions!

Worked fine for me? Import["\ QmPcagFCTfrScHkncxzF5V1vx1tvxdi1RQk1Xby2T1wbWY"]

Here's this one as an animated gif for fun :)

POSTED BY: Avery Davis
Posted 1 year ago

Looks like the website is not very stable. Right now the site doesn't work at all.

POSTED BY: Frank Buss

Different IPFS nodes can be configured differently and that kind of goes beyond our control. The IPFS gateway is working fine for me though.

You can also try the Pinata gateway, e.g.

There's no "official standard" per se but we followed the structure suggested by IOHK that you can see in this CIP:

Posted 1 year ago

Thanks, I can see it in the blockchain explorer, and ExternalStorageDownload works in Mathematica. But I can't download the ifps image files with the gateway. For example, the ipfs readme works: But one of the NFT images spins forever in the browser and doesn't download anything: ExternalStorageDownload does download both immediately.

I'm not sure how IPFS works in detail, but shouldn't the official gateway deliver any file stored on IPFS?

POSTED BY: Frank Buss
Posted 1 year ago

PS: I found a NFT explorer for Cardano: But looks like the NFTs have a different format. For example this is one of the NFTs from the website: Is there a standard how to encode NFTs on the Cardano blockchain?

POSTED BY: Frank Buss
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