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A blog using Mathematica

I thought people might be interested in my blog  No, it doesn't have anything to do with felines getting stuck in trees.  Rather it's about catastrophe insurance and, in particular  about a Texas public finance scheme for windstorm insurance.  Although much of the blog is political, I do make some use of Mathematica on it.  I've stuck a CDF on it (Wordpress lets you do this pretty easily) and I've written about developing good hurricane models using Mathematica here and here and have used Mathematica to probe curious patterns of insurance sales.  Anyway, take a look and enjoy.
POSTED BY: Seth Chandler
9 Replies
Paul-Jean, if you use Export function to produce final web page I would consider the following:

  • Choose cell style "Program" for all code containing cells
  • Use option Export[... , "MathOutput" -> "DisplayForm"]

Then your blog will have copy-able snippets of Mathematica code, code will not be images any more. It is pretty convenient to be able to play with code while reading blog. The disadvantage is loosing indenting and thus readability.
POSTED BY: Vitaliy Kaurov
Hi everyone,

I've written a WordPress client for Mathematica.  You can check it out on my GitHub repo here:

I use this package to post Mathematica notebooks directly to my WordPress blog.  Here's an example post that was generated using the client:

I describe the package here:

I'm working on a Mathematica palette to drive the blog client right now.  I'd love to get some pull requests on that repo, with new features etc.  I'll try to add a list of TODO items to the readme file on the main repo page.

Happy blogging!

This is fantastic! I have been using Mathematica as my scientific word processor for some time now. Being able to export a notebook directly into Word Press will make life much easier for me going forward. Thank you.
POSTED BY: Robert J Frey
Chris, I just stumbled onto this discussion and am wondering if now (7 month after your comment) there is any progress on the workflow for Wordpress?
POSTED BY: Frank Scherbaum
Posted 12 years ago
That is quite cool, I like the embedded mathematical notation. I'm interested in how convenient your workflow is for doing that, where there is anything that could stand improving.
POSTED BY: Joel Klein
Good question on workflow.  It isn't very difficult but it isn't super easy either. One thing does come to mind.  (1) the quickest way to get mathematical notation in to Wordpress is to use their latex system.  \mu.  BUT (a) their system is not very good; (b) I don't know LaTeX very well; and (c) the Mathematica TeXForm doesn't mate very well with the Wordpress system.  So, if there were a more convenient way of sticking a Mathematica expression (maybe in traditional form) into a Wordpress entry, that would be good.  If I have other ideas, I'll try to put them here.
POSTED BY: Seth Chandler
I've wondered for a while just how difficult it would be to make a WordPress plugin out of a Mathematica-Online sort of implementation. Making the workflow a little less onorus. Seeme like a possibility with this implementation. 
POSTED BY: Flip Phillips
Flip, we have it on our todo list to have a nice workflow to do this sort of thing in Wordpress, other blogs, forums, etc. It should be a great a tool and a great way to promote Mathematica Online and Mathematica in general.
POSTED BY: Chris Williamson
It's kludgy, but you can get equations out of Mathematica into WordPress. First you get your expression formatted to your liking in Mathematica, then select it and do a Save Selection As a PDF. Then open the PDF in Acrobat and do a Save As a JPEG file. The JPEG csn then be imported into your WordPress post. Once in WordPress you may have to fiddle around with image scaling.Trying to do a Save Selection As in Mathematica directly into a JPEG file doesn't seem to work because it messes up the formatting. You can see several examples in my recent blog post at
POSTED BY: Robert J Frey
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