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Where does the ResourceFunction stored locally?

Posted 1 month ago
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Whenever we pull a function from the Wolfram Function Repository using "ResourceFunction", where does the downloaded files stored in the system? Using <strong>ResourceFunction to compute a <strong>Collatz sequence</strong> using the <strong>Collatz</strong> function.

3 Replies
Posted 1 month ago

Hi Ajit,

They are stored somewhere under


Why do you need to know this? The source code for all WFR functions is available for download. Click on the "Source Notebook" button on the top left of a functions documentation page.

I need to know this because after using the function from WFR for any practical purpose, the disk space it takes in my system would be for nothing. That's why by knowing this, I will delete the respective files in that specific directory.

Posted 1 month ago

Local caches of resource functions are stored in binary format and are quite small. On my machine, Collatz occupies 21KB. Hardly seems worth the effort to delete. Even on a Raspberry Pi storage is cheap.

You might want to try PersistResourceFunction, it provides a clean way to install and uninstall resource functions.

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