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Export[ ] output is not the same as what Animation[ ] shows?

Posted 2 months ago
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Hello, I am using Animate command, and then trying to export the animation in video mp4 format. In the Animate command I used

VDO = Animate[ ......, AnimationRate -> .01, AnimationRunning -> True, AnimationRepetitions ->
  1,AppearanceElements -> {"StepLeftButton", "StepRightButton", 
     "PlayPauseButton", "DirectionButton"}]


Export["OrbitVdo2.mp4", VDO, "FrameRate" -> 10, 
 "AnimationDuration" -> 16]

The Animation shown in Mathematica is coming correctly with only once running in forward, but the exported mp4 file is very fast and even though I have used Animation Repetitions as 1, in video it take forward and reverse animation. And the animation starts after half time of Animation Duration i.e. if I choose 16 second video then after 8 seconds, animation starts in video. If its 20sec, then animation starts after 10sec.

Please give me solution, how to extract video in mp4 similar to Animation in Mathematica. Thank you.

Thank you for reporting. We will try to fix this issue in the next version. Meanwhile, you can use AnimationVideo introduced in 12.3.

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