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How can I make and call packages in Mathematica?

Posted 11 years ago
 I read some couple of books and also check the help folder in Mathematica concerning packages. I made some packages as well but I couldn't execute them properly.
I save them in ...Addons\packages. But whenever I call the package using NEEDS or GET  I keep getting "cannot open file". can anyone help me on how to solve my problem or a very good explanations and examples on how to make a good package
4 Replies
I posted the attached notebook to an earlier question that asked for similar advice.  I wrote it for a consulting client of mine.  It is not the whole story, but it provides some hopefully useful pointers.


POSTED BY: David Reiss
Please also try this tutorial:

You can also run a package using the Needs function and supply the full file path to the package.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 11 years ago
Packages are not my area of expertise.
At first your package is  ".m" file  or more ".m" files. (may include additional data or documentation)

See link:

There is written:
Packages are placed on $UserBaseDirectory/Applications or $BaseDirectory/Applications.
If you want more comfort and your own documentations and more features, so you need install Wolfram Workbench.
My answer is blunt, because I do not know all the details and describe them takes many times.
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