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CDF Player dock icon missing functionality?

Posted 11 years ago
When my Mathematica browser plugin opens the CDF player, for example to play a Demonstration from the Demonstrations Project, I get this new icon in my dock:

I assume that this is the CDF player icon.

Right clicking this icon shows the New, Open, and Documentation Center links:

However none of these (New, Open, Documentation Center) actually work.

Clicking them does nothing at all.

I do have the full Mathematica 9.0.1 software installed and licensed on my system.

Is this a bug?

I'm using OS X Mavericks.
POSTED BY: Atriya Sen
3 Replies
This ikon represents Mathematica running in a Free CDF Player mode.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 11 years ago
I know this. My question was about why the menu options don't work.
POSTED BY: Atriya Sen
A developer straightened me out on this. Formally, this is the "FrontEnd as a Service" icon which the browser plugin uses.
The pop-up menu, if any, should be empty.

A problem report is filed. 

Thank you for pointing it out.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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