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vector input

Posted 10 years ago
i feel like wolfram alpha should plot vectors by typing vector ai+bj where a and b can be variables or constants or a product of both
POSTED BY: Roman Parker
3 Replies
I passed on the suggestion to the Wolfram|Alpha developers.  Thank you.

(It is not a trivial change.  Don't expect it soon.)

Suggestions for Wolfram|Alpha can be sent through the feedback window at the bottom of
the page.  (The little slot opens wider when you type in it.)
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
ok but i kind of need it soon
POSTED BY: Roman Parker
Posted 10 years ago
Since you kind of need it soon, can you make do with modifications to this
or this
(notice how I inserted an extra {0,0} to get back to the origin so I could then plot another vector from the origin to a second point)

WolframAlpha doesn't seem to let me use variables when plotting vectors, but perhaps you can get by with constants to get your work done and turned in.
POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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