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[WSS22] Particle tracks in bubble chamber

bubble chamber tracks analyses

POSTED BY: Syed Waqar Ahmed
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POSTED BY: Moderation Team

The particle tracking makes me want to learn how to make visualized solutions. Tracking parameters in the differential equation, how do you show how the spiral changes? Does this remind you of anything? This is exactly and absolutely heartwarming, Syed.

        Mod[#, 1] &,
        ( {
           {-1.1, 0.9},
           {-1.4, 0.3}
          } ) . #
        ] &, #, i
      ] & /@ {
     {2, 0},
     {0, 1},
     {-3, 0}
     }, PlotStyle -> RGBColor /@
       3][[-3 ;; -1]],
   PlotMarkers -> {\[SadSmiley], \[NeutralSmiley], \[HappySmiley]},
   MeshFunctions -> {#2 &},
   Mesh -> Automatic,
   MeshStyle -> Opacity[0.1],
   MeshShading -> {Arrowheads[Medium]}] /. 
  Line -> Arrow, {i, 1, 103, 16}]

Now..those interactive spline segments have been such a fun, energetic, and positive journey. Does that remind you of anything? Like Rhodopsin, or purple particles of light.


When it comes down to it the particles sort of kind of start spiraling up, it's amazing. Every once in a blue moon you hear this kind of stuff. Yea, it can be so frustrating making these graphs but as the Earth keeps turning, people's tastes are going to change so what attracts people? Graphics, visuals. People are inspired, they're enthralled by art. Also, where do you see these charge particles of ionized gas occur naturally, Jupiter?

POSTED BY: Dean Gladish
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