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Why my code on the Wolfram Programming Cloud failed?

Posted 9 years ago
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Today I tried a code on the cloud for parsing html to structured data:


It works perfectly in the development Notebook environment of the cloud:

function successes

But when I tried to deploy it by

(* Out[3]= CloudObject[] *)

Visiting the corresponding URL gives

cloud failed

As it can be seen, URLFetch successfully got the HTML source string, which has 77028 characters. But somehow ImportString[URLstr,"Data"] failed.

My questions are:

  1. Did I do something wrong?

  2. I've tested that using string pattern match to extract the information is doable, but is there any work-around more elegant and/or compact?

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao
5 Replies

Hi All, The same problem goes for the function Import["any url", etc] it will work fine in the Wolfram Desktop but as a Cloud object it fails. Good to know you are looking into this! I thought at first is was my own programming error.

Is there any indication on when this will be fixed? It is quite an annoying bug.



Posted 9 years ago

Silvia, glad to see you trying things out!

What you found here is a problem rather particular to this ImportString (of a URL looking for Data) running in an API. It will work fine in a cloud notebook. We know what the issue is and are working on a fix. Thanks for helping us make the cloud environment better.

POSTED BY: Joel Klein

Hi Joel,

Thank you very much for the detailed description. Hope the cloud gets better and better!

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao

(1) No.
Thank you for taking the time to post this. Developers are investigating.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Thanks Bruce!

I'm very excited to see the cloud being launched, and glad I can help!

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao
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