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Why my code on the Wolfram Programming Cloud failed?

Posted 10 years ago

Today I tried a code on the cloud for parsing html to structured data:


It works perfectly in the development Notebook environment of the cloud:

function successes

But when I tried to deploy it by

(* Out[3]= CloudObject[] *)

Visiting the corresponding URL gives

cloud failed

As it can be seen, URLFetch successfully got the HTML source string, which has 77028 characters. But somehow ImportString[URLstr,"Data"] failed.

My questions are:

  1. Did I do something wrong?

  2. I've tested that using string pattern match to extract the information is doable, but is there any work-around more elegant and/or compact?

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao
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Hi All, The same problem goes for the function Import["any url", etc] it will work fine in the Wolfram Desktop but as a Cloud object it fails. Good to know you are looking into this! I thought at first is was my own programming error.

Is there any indication on when this will be fixed? It is quite an annoying bug.



Posted 10 years ago

Silvia, glad to see you trying things out!

What you found here is a problem rather particular to this ImportString (of a URL looking for Data) running in an API. It will work fine in a cloud notebook. We know what the issue is and are working on a fix. Thanks for helping us make the cloud environment better.

POSTED BY: Joel Klein

Hi Joel,

Thank you very much for the detailed description. Hope the cloud gets better and better!

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao

(1) No.
Thank you for taking the time to post this. Developers are investigating.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Thanks Bruce!

I'm very excited to see the cloud being launched, and glad I can help!

POSTED BY: Silvia Hao
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