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Activation Mathematica on Raspbian_For_BananaPi_v2.0

Posted 10 years ago

Dear all

I got Banana_Pi. And I want to use Mathematica on this board. But,I could not to find how to activate.

If you know the way to activate on this board,please tell me.

Thank you.

4 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

Hi, on my Banana_Pi Wolfram and Mathematica are preinstalled. How can I work with remote via VNC? When I start wolfram via shh terminal: pi@bananapi ~ $ wolfram Wolfram Language (Raspberry Pi Pilot Release) Copyright 1988-2014 Wolfram Research Information & help:

Mathematica cannot find a valid password.

For automatic Web Activation enter your activation key (enter return to skip Web Activation): Machine name: bananapi MathID: 4705-06801-XXXX

You will need a valid activation key and password in order to proceed. Go to to register your activation key and obtain the password.

Enter your Activation key [format xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx]:

I did visit: How do I get an Activation key? And can I work remote via VNC?

Thanks for help Hans

POSTED BY: Hans Klausmann

You may want to check this thread. Most probably you need to change the permissions of /dev/vchiq.

POSTED BY: Damanjit Singh

Only Raspberry Pi is supported at the moment.

This is still the case. It is not possible to run Mathematica on another device such as a Banana Pi without a license.

POSTED BY: Ilian Gachevski


Only Raspberry Pi is supported at the moment.

If you're still interested, contact to sign up for the general Linux-ARM prerelease program.

POSTED BY: Arnoud Buzing
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