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Cloud Dynamic support. Do Buttons work in the Wolfram Cloud in Manipulate?

Posted 10 years ago

I made small Manipulate to test it in the Wolfram Cloud. Uploaded the notebook. I noticed the buttons do not respond at all. Only the sliders do. On the PC, inside Mathematica 9.01 (windows), the buttons do respond of course.

I then Selected the Manipulate cell, did "share cell", then selected generate Cloud CDF, then generate URL. When now I also try the manipulate in the URL given, the sliders all work, but not the buttons.

Here is the URL generated URL

Is there a list somewhere that shows which Mathematica functions and commands are not supported in the Cloud?

Update: I just found this, which says that Dynamic is only supported in Wolfram desktop systems.

enter image description here

Does this mean that Dynamic it is not supported in the Wolfram Programming Cloud?. Is the Cloud a Wolfram desktop system? Or is it the mathematica Online which is a desktop system? But on this page it shows the Cloud as a Desktop system. I know that Mathematica itself is a desktop system of course. But now I am little confused if the Cloud is supposed to be Desktop system or not. If it is, then which product is not a Wolfram desktop system?

Examples that do not run in the W-Cloud: (using firefox 30.0 on windows 7)


         LocatorPane[{1, 1}/2, Graphics[{Gray, Disk[]}]]


        Button["Click Here", x = RandomReal[1]]


         Row[{Manipulator[Dynamic[x, {x = #} &], {0, 1, .1}]}]

TogglerBar (clicking again do not toggle it off. i.e. it works one way only. Can toggle in, but not off)

       {TogglerBar[Dynamic[x], Range[5]], Dynamic[x]}

RadioButtonBar (no effect on clicking )

      {RadioButtonBar[Dynamic[x], Range[5]], Dynamic[x]}

PopuMenu (selecting new item changes x but not the label shown in the menu, Also missing menu arrow)

      x = a; 
      {PopupMenu[Dynamic[x], {a, b, c, d}], Dynamic[x]}

ButtonBar (letters show up and clicking on the letter does work. but the actual buttons are missing on the screen)

     ButtonBar[{"a" :> Print[1], "b" :> Print[2], "c" :> Print[3]}]

PopupView (selecting different item do not change item shown. Also missing arrow in the view)

    PopupView[{a, b, x + y, z}]

MenuView. (clicking on the item changes the plot as expected, but label do not update and also missing arrow on menu)

     MenuView[Table[Plot[Sin[n x], {x, 0, 10}], {n, 5}]]

Dynamics based on Animator (such as ListAnimate[] and others, are not supported. Error is

      Animate::cloudf: Animator is not currently supported in the Wolfram Cloud

Referesh[] does not update time string. Initial time displayed but not updated any more.

      Dynamic[Refresh[DateString[], UpdateInterval -> 1]]

Second argument of Dynamic not evaluated. Here the y dynamic is not updated on the screen, only the x dynamic is

     Clear[x, y];
     Slider[Dynamic[x, {x = #; y = RandomReal[]} &]]

LocalizeVariables->False does not work. Here x should be updated outside Manipulate but it does not in the Cloud

     {Manipulate[x, {x, 0, 1}, LocalizeVariables -> False], Dynamic[x]}

CurrentValue produces $Failed

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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Yes, this would be very helpful--especially with regard to the various Dynamic elements.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

Have you tried to ask WRI directly by e-mail or something? An answer to this question, predictions about possible implementations releases etc. are of a great value for users, imo.

p.s. most of your examples work now.

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki
Posted 9 years ago

This fails:

SocialMediaData["Facebook", "FriendNetwork"]

despite that Help does not ID this function as non-Cloud.

POSTED BY: Chris Jordan
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