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solving a set of algebraic equations

can anyone suggest me how to solve the following system of equations- 323000 = ((250000)^2+500000xy + x(x+1)y^2)/(250000+xy) and 0.87 = x(y^2)/(323000/1.87)^2

2 Replies

I did not find a way (only four tries) to get Wolfram|Alpha to recognize it was a system of simultaneous equations.
Wolfram|Alpha would have an advantage of automatically assuming that "xy" is a product x*y.

Marco gave a good example of entering it in Wolfram Language for Mathematica or Programming Cloud. I would like to add a warning that symbolic functions such as Solve (and Integrate, etc.) sometimes have trouble with approximate (floating-point) numbers like 0.87. Either use the numerical functions like NSolve, or change the approximate numbers to exact versions like 87/100.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller


what about this:

{323000 == ((250000)^2 + 500000 x y + x (x + 1) y^2)/(250000 + x y), 
0.87 == x (y^2)/(323000/1.87)^2}, {x, y}]

The Solutions are

{{x -> 0.230044, y -> -335904.}, {x -> 0.383166, y -> -260272.}}

Cheers, M.

PS: You will get a warning which you can safely ignore.

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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