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Wolfram releases Mathematica 10

Posted 10 years ago

I'm excited to share the news of Mathematica 10. With over 700 new functions, it's the first version of Mathematica based on the complete Wolfram Language. It features integration with the Wolfram Cloud and access to the expanded Wolfram Knowledgebase, enabling new possibilities for computation and deployment.

For a complete list of new Mathematica 10 features and enhancements, visit:

For more on this major milestone, check out Stephen Wolfram's launch-day blog post at:

POSTED BY: Emily Suess
4 Replies

I got my upgrade e-mail late on 10 July. I downloaded and installed Mathematica 10 on both my 'work' and 'home' computers without any problems at all. I have Premier service.

I'm slowly working my way through the new features, especially the ones I missed during my beta test experience.

We have a site license and do not have access to MMA10 yet, either. I was told that it would be some time this week. Interestingly, the trial version can be downloaded already. :-)

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Posted 10 years ago

When will the upgrade be available for those of us who purchased a licence in the last few months, and were advised that an upgrade to Mathematica 10 was included?

I'm eager to start using Mathematica 10, but my user portal is still only showing version 9 as available for download.

POSTED BY: Robert Ferguson

Is it

the first version of Mathematica based on the complete Wolfram Language

than, is the Wolfram Language complete already? In what sense? Is the Wolfram Language always complete at release time - a mere tautology.

or is Mathematica 10

the first version of Mathematica completely based on the Wolfram Language

which can be true because then the usual and due credits (to Java etc.) are given by the Wolfram Language itself. But nevertheless, it sounds great and does mean much, even if one wonders what complete means. Congratulations and hurry into the holidays before work on the first update launches!

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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