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Format | Edit Stylesheet Has No Effect on Input or Ouput font

Posted 10 years ago

With a notebook open, I try to change, just for that notebook, the Input and Output styles by doing Format | Edit Stylesheet, then selecting from the scroll down Input and then go to Format | Font, and then choose the font. I do the same for Local definition for style "Output" as well.

Problem is, neither one 'takes'. The default style for both those remains in effect for both the existing cells and newly created cells of those types. When I do the same for Local definition for style "Text" it does take effect, for both existing and newly created text.

What am I missing, besides great deal of experience changing styles of anything?


POSTED BY: Brian Lamm
8 Replies

Confirmed both in Mathematica 9 and 10. (OSX)

Also confirmed on Mathematica 8.

POSTED BY: David Reiss
Posted 10 years ago

Anyone from Wolfram care to assist in letting me know how to change Font for Input and Output forms via Format | Edit Stylesheet? Only the size and form (bold, regular, italic, size, strikeout, etc) are changed, not the Font itself.

POSTED BY: Brian Lamm

This is deep in the style definitions for StandardForm, not Input style or Output style. Changing the font in StandardForm endangers 2D typesetting alignments and is strongly discouraged.

Could you try using RawInputForm and OutputForm as defaults? Then you could could change default fonts easily.
These forms can be selected from Preferences, Evaluation tab.

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks for looking into this and getting back to me.

I chose your suggestions. New input now suffers no syntax highlighting. I find the syntax highlighting Extremely useful and productivity enhancing (I do not want to use Mathematica without it).

If you know of a way to get Raw InputForm to use all the syntax highlighting, then that would be an acceptable solution for me.

Thanks Much, again, Bruce.

POSTED BY: Brian Lamm

As has been stated at numerous WTCs, in forums, etc., it is an extraordinarily bad idea to change the style of Input and Output. This has been the case since at least Mathematica 6, if not earlier.

I frequently edit the default style sheet (I hate Arial), but after noticing the unintended consequences of editing the styles of Input and Output, let alone StandardForm, I leave them alone.

I have not tried Bruce Miller's suggestion, but apparently, this has undesirable side effects as well.

I have not even thought about issues with non-roman typefaces.

Cell menu - ConvertTo - InputForm
puts the selected cells in-between StandardForm and RawInputForm. Syntax coloring works.

Format menu - Style - Code
gives a different simpler form with syntax coloring.

I do not use them enough to know the details.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks Bruce, however doing both of what you suggested still results in Font remaining the same. I will just have to live with selecting an input cell, after it's input, and then choose to format the font to whatever I want.

POSTED BY: Brian Lamm
Posted 10 years ago

Yes, it is unfortunate that the default input font (or maybe the default StandardForm) Courier New is extraordinarily COUPLED, apparently very deeply, into Mathematica code base. Not what I would call object oriented way of going about it. Enough with the dissing. As I wrote in my last reply to Bruce, I will just have to suck it up and change Input font to whatever looks better for presentation purposes by selecting the cell after it has been created and then Format.

POSTED BY: Brian Lamm
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