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"New in Mathematica 10" Web Event on Tuesday, July 29th

Posted 10 years ago

I'm looking forward to hosting the next Wolfram Experts Live event, "New in Mathematica 10" tomorrow, July 29. Join me and a dozen Wolfram developers and technical staff while we tour the new functionality in the new version.

If you have questions that you'd like to see answered, post them here in advance of the event, and I'll try to bring them up with the developers as time allows.

Get more details and register for the event!

POSTED BY: Dan Newman
2 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Question regarding MathWorld & Mathematica 10

What is the CURRENT best way of getting downloadable MathWorld notebooks to be usable with MMA10?

I have a MathWorld folder from an old MathWorld link for supporting packages loaded in AddOns/Applications Directory of my MMA10 installation. Most of the packages are 2007 vintage.

A number of MathGroup posts over the years have tried to find a clean way of accessing MathWorld from MMA without reasonable success.

In[2]:= << MathWorld`SpecialFunctions 

….. works OK

but, for the downloaded Mathworld notebook "AiryFunctions.nb" there is a missing context:

In[12]:= << DiscreteMath`RSolve`

During evaluation of In[12]:= Get::noopen: Cannot open DiscreteMath`RSolve`. >>

Out[12]= $Failed

I have run into many similar examples in the past of missing packages or changed/obsoleted functions not working correctly (or at all) that greatly lessen the value of downloaded MathWorld notebooks.

I hope the computable and curated mathematical knowledge of MathWorld is at the highest priority for clean access and use by Mathematica 10 & Wolfram Cloud users.

POSTED BY: Syd Geraghty

I have a question:

Can you give us some information on platform specific updates. I had heard about quite a few at last year's WTC and during the beta test, but I'm not sure what made the cut.

For OS X, it is pretty obvious that support for Retina displays is present, but I also heard that the front end was being rewritten in Cocoa, but I have no way to determine this.

Possibly related -- why is the front end still 32 bit?

I am sure that there are other interesting platform specific changes that users would like to know about.

I look forward to the talk.


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