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AI vision via Wolfram Language

Posted 8 months ago

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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The more precise of the two data scraping procedures described in "Extracting Russian casualties in Ukraine data from Mediazona publications" uses the LLMVisionSynthesize function extensively demoed in this notebook.

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

Here is the package used in the post: "LLMVision.m".

Load in a WL session with :


The package provides the functions LLMVisionSynthesize and LLMVisionFunction. I might turn it into a paclet, but it is better if the related functionalities are part of "LLMFunctions" framework / paclet.

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

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POSTED BY: Anton Antonov

This post is the WL-version of the post:

This post did not have to discuss direct Web API access to OpenAI's vision model(s) since that is described here:

POSTED BY: Anton Antonov
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