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Mathematica animations from AVI files; Table cell style


I wonder how can import animation (avi video file) into Mathematica notebook? I tried to use "Import" function (smth like this Import["travellingpertradial_compressed.avi", "Animation"] ) but it doesnt work and says that the video type of my movie is not supported:

*********************************Mathematica output******************************
"Import::unsup: Unsupported type of video file. >>"

Can one explain me what is wrong with it? By the way the video file was done in Matlab program. I have enclosed my Mathematica notebook containing the code (example.nb) .

I have another question regarding the insertion of tables into Mathematica notebook. In order to insert the table I used the command Insert -> Table/Matrix on the Mathemtica menu pannel. It works fine, but when I changed the cell style to "Table" the table becomes distorted, i.e. the size of the tables cell becomes much wider compared to the size of the table content in this cell (see the attached file "example2" and the style file "late-style.nb" ). If there is any way to fix it?


POSTED BY: Victor Dykin
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With AVI, the compression/decompression (codec) algorithm is NOT part of the AVI standard, but is in separate files. In Mathematica 10, Import can use more codecs than were available for Import in Mathematica 9.

POSTED BY: Bruce Miller

Dear Marco

Thanks a lot for your tips. I will test it with gif instead. I wonder how do your convert avi to gif. As far as I know "gif" id the image format whereas "avi" is video format. Can one really convert the entire avi vodeo into one single gif file? Which program do you use then?

By the way, this problem diappears in Mathematica 10 and works perfectly with Import function for avi files.




POSTED BY: Victor Dykin

Dear Victor,

it might depend on some small details of the avi format. If you run:

Export["~/Desktop/movie.avi", Table[Plot[Sin[\[Omega] t], {t, 0, 10}], {\[Omega], 0.1, 2, 0.1}]]
Import["~/Desktop/movie.avi", "Animation"]

it does appear to work. I have noticed that importing avi does sometimes cause problems. I then usually convert them to gif and use those. Gif rarely causes problems.

Cheers, Marco

POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
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