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How to acess the preferences dialog on the Raspberry Pi?

Posted 10 years ago

This feels like a silly question, but as much as look, I cannot seem to find how to bring up the preferences dialog on the Raspberry Pi version. In which menu is it?

FrontEndTokenExecute["PreferencesDialog"] works correctly.

POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
4 Replies

Thanks Daniel! Unfortunately, the suggestion bar does not exist in the Raspberry Pi version of the FrontEnd due to performance and package size concerns. See Auto completion and suggestions bar not available on PI?

PS: Mataró?! We are just neighbors ;-) Feel free to join Wolfram Barcelona meetup group.

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
Posted 9 years ago

Hi Bernat, sorry for my delay. Thank you for your answer. I understand very well the limits and, anyway, I'm so amazed... In my times at the university (hey, not so time ago!) I enjoyed Mathemathica very much. Now, with the Raspberry and the efforts from Wolfram this is a kind off "spiritual reunion". I'll join with much interest Wolfram Barcelona. With my best regards,

POSTED BY: Daniel Sole
Posted 9 years ago

Hi Bernat, maybe you know how to turn on the suggestions bar in the Mathematica 10 for the Raspberry? I've checked the preferences as depicted by you and enabled "Show suggestions Bar after last output" but with no results...

PS: I've been looking to your fractal trees work: just fascinating... ;) My best regards from Mataró!

POSTED BY: Daniel Sole

Szabolcs, this is not a silly question since it is somehow hidden. You can access the Preferences dialog on the Raspberry Pi by going to

Help > About Wolfram Mathematica... > System Information > Front End > Open Preferences

POSTED BY: Bernat Espigulé
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