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WSMLink not working?

I am new to Mathematica, and am using it primarily for the optimization features it has in relation to SystemModeler. I am unable to use this link between SystemModeler and Mathematica right now because the call Needs["WSMLink`"]; is producing the following error:

Block::lvsym: Local variable specification {Function[x,False]} contains Function[x,False], which is not a symbol or an assignment to a symbol. >>

StringJoin::string: String expected at position 2 in Options[WSMLinkPrivateSystemModeler]="<>Block[{Function[x,False]},<<1>>]. \!(*ButtonBox[\">>\", Appearance->{Automatic, None}, BaseStyle->\"Link\", ButtonData:>\"paclet:ref/StringJoin\", ButtonNote->\"StringJoin::string\"])"

WSMLink`WSMLink::wdir: Configuration file /Users/-----/Library/Mathematica/Applications/WSMLink/Config.m does not contain location of SystemModeler program directory.

how do I fix this?

4 Replies

Try removing the contents in this file (after backing up a copy of the file):

FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Kernel", "init.m"}]

Then reconfigure the WSMLink through SystemModeler -> Options -> Mathematica -> Configure SystemModeler Link

POSTED BY: Malte Lenz

I did clear the kernel, and reconfigure the connection between SystemModeler and Mathematica - the configuration apparently went fine. However, I experienced the same problem again. Is it because I am currently using the product trial of Mathematica? Or is there some other problem?

What version of SystemModeler and Mathematica are you using? There was a problem with SystemModeler 3.0.0 and Mathematica trial.

POSTED BY: Malte Lenz

SystemModeler 4.0.0 and Mathematica ProductTrial on Mac OS X 10.9.4

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