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Wolfram, Where is CDF Player 10?

Posted 10 years ago

Just want to know if we'll be seeing a CDF Player any time soon that is compatible with Mathematica 10.0.1. The current CDF player returns an unrecognized option error (UndoTrackedVariables) for any CDF with a Manipulate created with Mathematica 10.0.1. This means that I cannot update CDFs for my clients or my students, and my students cannot submit CDFs containing Manipulates without the unsightly red error box overlaying the Manipulate.

I'm a fan of Mathematica, but this is pretty frustrating.


POSTED BY: Gregory Lypny
7 Replies

Try to run CDF player with older version of firefox i.e firefox versio 3.4, that might work i guess.

POSTED BY: siddhant yadav
Posted 10 years ago

A related note: It seems that CDF Player 9.0.1 doesn't work in the latest versions of Chrome, at least on OSX. This may be related to Chrome's recent transition to 64-bit mode.

POSTED BY: Joe Fusion

Some good news: I got the 10.0.2 update for Mathematica last evening.

Perhaps the new CDF player won't be too much longer. ;-)

Posted 10 years ago

One month ago Andre Kuzniarek said

Work on the V10 CDF Player (w/Player Pro activation capability) is in-progress, and the release will still occur within this quarter. Can't be more specific than that yet.

Some of you on this thread have been promised access to test versions, which are looking to become available towards the end of next week. Stay tuned!

So we need to wait...

I in order to avoid deployment problems I am staying with Mathematica 9 until we get the new CDF player.

POSTED BY: Gustavo Delfino
Posted 10 years ago


A Premier customer.


POSTED BY: Paul Nielan
Posted 10 years ago

I think I may abandon CDF for teaching. Unless the new version has convenient encryption and expiry dates, it is not worth the hassle. I have instead been using Mathematica to generate assignment data and questions which are exported and then reimported into a PDF workflow. As for developing CDF apps for consulting projects, my clients like the interactivity of CDF, but I am also looking into using Mathematica to export to C and then using the code with a RAD language such as LiveCode.

POSTED BY: Gregory Lypny

See the thread here (not much new there, but it has been raised before...):

POSTED BY: David Reiss
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