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Functions of Several Variables: Properties of Planes

Trying to figure out which is the correct answer because I am finding two different one. -4x+8z=16 is the equation of the plane. The question I am trying to figure out is what is the point of intercept with the y-axis? Any help would be appreciated!

POSTED BY: Drew Trojacek
3 Replies

Are you trying to answer this using Wolfram Alpha or Mathematica? If yes, what have you tried? If not, this is not a forum for homework or general math questions, only for the use of Wolfram software systems. In any case, your equation just defines a line, not a plane as you wrote it.

y can be anything, so I think this defines a plane.

The y-axis intercept is where x=0 and z=0,

-4*0 + 8*0 = 16


POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 10 years ago

Perhaps extra dimensions would help. Maybe a job for string theory?

POSTED BY: David Keith
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