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Laplace second translation theorem?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi there!

I was wondering if it was possible to get WolframAlpha to solve laplace second translation transformations? I have a bunch of questions (i.e L{(t-1)?(t-1)}) that WolframAlpha can't seem to solve. I was just wondering if I was typing it wrong? I would normally compute it as 'laplace transform (t-1)?(t-1)' in Wolfram but I wouldn't get any correct answers.

Thanks in advance for the help!

2 Replies

Ahhh, yes this is it! Thank you so, so much!

not sure if there is a shorthand for the unit step function but this works for me. Having checked , I think the shorthand is "theta" .

laplace transform (t-1) UnitStep (t-1)

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