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How to make some music in mathematica?

Posted 10 years ago

Hi all, after trying to make some music in mathematica, I wonder if it is possible to reproduce the sound of the next track, where the harp is concerned, attachment file for me to comment on this.

I hope they can give me a small sample of the sheet music as it sounds. It is part of a self-challenge that I'm starting.

Thanks in advance.

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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you might want to have a look at this:



POSTED BY: Marco Thiel
Posted 10 years ago

Many thanks Marco, I try to do the steps recommended in this video. Exploring in the other video, I found the following interesting:

know whether the code shown in the video is available somewhere. I hope he can get that caught my attention too.

Thanks again.

POSTED BY: Luis Ledesma
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